The Coastal Carolina Emergency Net

Welcome to the Coastal Carolina Emergency Net (CCEN) Web Site!

The CCEN Net meets nightly at 7:00 PM on 3907kc.  The Net is available to pass traffic in the event of an emergency.  Most of our traffic in the past has been Health and Welfare Traffic in and out of the affected areas, in cooperation with other emergency nets that are busy handling relief and restoration activities directly with the Emergency Preparedness organizations.

The call for traffic and announcements is given at the beginning of the net, and traffic and announcements are handled. Membership roll call is next.  After the membership roll call, visiting stations are requested to check in.

The remainder of the net consists of an informal rag-chew session. Check in! Visitors are always welcome!

Pictures from the 2005 CCEN Christmas Party.

Net Announcements


Go CW with the Old Lizards, on 7095kc. at 10 AM daily, except Sunday.



Wake up to the Early Show on weekends and holidays with Dave, W4DWT, on 3907kc at 7:00 AM!


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